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Daily and monthly subscription to Argentine regulatory information


We all know that updating on regulatory issues must be constant, since the regulatory authorities never stop.
Whoever does not update is at a disadvantage.
Those who know our newsletters know that we are very demanding when it comes to sending them information, and we know that it is very well received.
That's why we decided to add a service that can be very helpful for those who need to forget about checking for updates:


What does the service include?

- A shipment at the end of each day containing: 

Regulations, notifications, communications, etc., issued by ANMAT regarding all regulated items.

Regulations issued by the Ministry of Health with regulatory impact.


- A monthly shipment containing: 

The detail of all the relevant information published during that month.

Launch promotional cost: 2500 AR pesos/ month + VAT  o15 USD/month

* Values do not include taxes.

We accept all types of payment.

Subscribe here:


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